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Prof. Ruud Lubbers

Former Dutch Prime Minister and High Commissioner at the UN

Ruud Lubbers was the Dutch Prime Minister from 1982, a position he held for more than 10 years. During his terms he was instrumental in building Europe into what it is today. He was also the key figure in introducing the ''Dutch Model'', which led to the successful turn-around of the Dutch economy. Nowadays he is Minister of State of the Netherlands and Chair of the Energy Research Center, which is about energy saving, renewable energy, clean fossils and Atoms for Peace. He is also chair of the Council of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.

"Diversity, respect, awe for nature and the need to celebrate life mark him as an Earth Charter man"

Prof. Ruud Lubbers

In detail

A graduate of The Netherland''s School of Economics, Ruud Lubbers'' career began managing the family business. In 1973 Ruud Lubbers became Minister of Economic Affairs (incl. Energy). After his time as Prime Minister, in 1994 he became Professor on Globalization, as well as International President of WWF. He was the UN refugee agency''s ninth High Commissioner a position he held until February 2005.

What he offers you

Ruud Lubbers uses his wealth of experience to show decision makers how to benefit from the impact of globalisation. His inside views into the future of Europe help leading businesses to achieve the all-important turning point for their organisations. His long-term career at the Dutch Government makes him a recognised authority on current affairs, climate change and world markets.

How he presents

His stimulating and charismatic style has won him an outstanding reputation.


Mr. Lubbers presents in German, Dutch and English.

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  • Globalisation; Its Impact on Economy, Society & Politics
  • The Future of Europe
  • World and European Politics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Atoms for Peace - Nuclear Technology

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