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Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi

The "Green Sheikh"

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi is a member of one of the ruling Royal Families in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. He is known as the "Green Sheikh", taking the message of sustainability to the world, activating his networks worldwide and inspiring people of all ages, religions and backgrounds. He currently serves as Environmental Advisor to the Ajman Government, and the CEO of Al Ihsan Charity Centre. He is also Chairman of the International Steering Committee for the Global Initiative towards a sustainable Iraq and honourable President of Zayed Environmental Impact Network (ZEIN) at Zayed University UAE. His Highness is also a Goodwill Ambassador of World Green Citizen foundation, since 2012, a global foundation for responsible citizens.

"I want to impact people not by saying, but by living." The Harvard Crimson

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi

In detail

Educated in chemical and petroleum engineering, with an MA in environmental management, and a PhD in clean production and industrial ecosystems, the Sheikh hopes to radically reform education and respect for the environment in the Middle East. He has activated and co-ordinated the formation of environmentally and socially responsible non-governmental organisations. He has created partnerships between public, private and local communities and has advised and raised awareness among decision makers promoting these issues in the media.

What he offers you

A former chemical engineer turned environmentalist, the Sheikh is striving to do his part to educate and persuade people to moderate their lifestyles. In his presentations he tells audiences that despite the fact that the hurdles are huge, sustainability has got to be implemented and not bounced about like the latest popular buzzword.

How he presents

A passionate and engaging speaker, the Green Sheikh travels the world delivering compassionate presentations extolling the virtues of holistic living and the importance of environmental awareness.


He presents in English and Arabic.

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  • Changing our Future - From Oil to the Environment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Sustainability in an Oil Driven Society
  • The Social and Economic Effects of Climate Change in the Gulf Region
  • The Importance of a Greener Future


  • 2011
    Awarded at Ajman Science Day for his Community Responsibility and Service.
  • 2010
    Recipient of the Islamic Personality by Fujairah Quranic Award in the UAE.
  • 2007
    Awarded as the UAE fine volunteering personality in environment and humanitarian via Sharjah Volunteering Awards.
  • 2004
    Awarded first place for his research specifically pertaining to sustainable development at the doctoral level at the 97th Annual Conference and Exhibition at Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

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