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Alex Broekman

Young entrepreneur and co-founder of The Empire of Awesome

He was raised in Italy and in the Netherlands with Italian heart and creativity and an international education and experience. Alex is a 28 year old entrepreneur, the founder of The Empire of Awesome.When he was 19, toghtether with his friend Joost in 2009, he started a company called Funk-and Animations that makes 75 seconds animated videos that explain complicated business concepts, new ideas or internal company changes. The starting capital was E 300.The first candidates that they wanted to recruit refused to work for these two kids with clean faces and skateboards under the desk, because they are too young.Today, almost 7 years later, their turnover exceeds E 3,000,000. They won the prestigious Golden Gazelle 2014 as entrepreneurs under 30 year for the Netherlands and the Gazelle award as the company with the highest revenue growth of Zuid-Holland. To date they have produced over 1000 animated videos in all languages and working for companies such as Coca-Cola, Deloitte and Bayer and employ more than 40 people.Funk-e currently and has two offices, in Rotterdam and in Dusseldorf. In the office they still move around with skateboards and when new inspiration is needed they travel together to Silicon Valley or they go to a castle nearby for brainstorming.Inspired by the positive creativity of Richard Branson, Alex has the objective to remain completely independent from investors and banks and put up new companies through its holding company named ambitious: "The Empire of Awesome". New initiatives include: Funk-e.nl, Pitch-e.nl (Elevator pitching trainings) and Bod-e.nl (Animations for children in hospitals).

Alex Broekman

In detail

After getting his diploma at the European School of Varese, Italy, Alex moved to The Netherlands where he earned a Bachelor in IBA and a Master in Business Innovation Management.

What Alex offers you

Alex speaks about visual communication, animation, infographic, pitching, start-ups.

How he presents

Passionate, funny, with a sense of humor, Alex is keen on sharing his experience of young entrepreneur with the audience.


Alex presents in English, Dutch and Italian.

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  • How to start a business with nothing
  • How to pitch your company in 60 seconds through a story
  • How companies can use Storytelling instead of bullet points in powerpoint
  • Observe, dare, do
  • Innovate before it is too late
  • Building a positive business and company culture
  • The importance of passion in storytelling and business

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