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Arko van Brakel

Entrepreneur, Trend Watcher, Trainer, Consultant

Arko van Brakel is a value-driven Dutch entrepreneur with the mission of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.He is a famous consultant, speaker, presenter, trainer and coach. Since the spring of 2016, Arko is co-founder of the new Semco Style Institute, together with the famous Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler.Purpose is to help people and organizations implementing more autonomy, entrepreneurship, self-direction and speed to be successful in a rapidly changing society. The secret? Trust, autonomy and strong collaboration.

Arko van Brakel

In detail

Arko combines personal experiences and ideas with scientific knowledge and often surprising examples. The context of his background as an Internet entrepreneur, speaker, coach, consultant and author and his roles as director of several educational institutions, including leadership institute de Baak, help his audience to develop a broad view on our changing world and their role and place in it. Arko isn''t shy to mention his failures and the lessons learned. This vulnerability is important, because in Arko''s opinion Failure is the mother of all success. After all, the major issues of tomorrow won''t be solved with the ideas and mental models of yesterday."


Arko presents in Dutch and in English.

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