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Bertrand Piccard

Record Breaking Round the World Balloonist, President & Initiator of the Solar Impulse Project

Bertrand Piccard is the record breaking round the world balloonist, President and initiator of the Solar Impulse Project which was launched to take on a new challenge: flying round the world in an airplane propelled uniquely by solar energy, without fuel or pollution, in order to promote the immense potential of renewable energies and their new technologies. In July 2010 he achieved the first major step: the solar airplane flew through the night for the first time ever, touching down after 26 hours non stop.

"Bertrand aspires to combine his family scientific heritage with his commitment to exploring the great adventure of life"

Bertrand Piccard

In detail

Bertrand is a psychiatrist, aeronaut and internationally renowned lecturer, president of the humanitarian foundation "Winds of Hope" and roving ambassador for the United Nations. He is also the Pioneer of free flight and ULM (Unified Life Model) in Europe, winner of the first transatlantic balloon race (Chrysler Challenge 1992), Bertrand Piccard was also the initiator of the Breitling Orbiter project.

What he offers you

Bertrand is a highly sought-after speaker both with the general public and the business world. He deals with his personal experience from the point of view of motivation and adventurous spirit, the psychology of communication and team-working, management of stress and the unknown. His fascinating insights into achieving the longest and highest flight ever recorded by a solar-powered plane are powerful and memorable.

How he presents

Bertrand is a flamboyant speaker and his spell binding presentations captivate audiences with their dramatic images and examples from his amazing adventures.


He presents in English, German or French.

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  • Solar Impulse Project
  • Cross Cultural Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation and Winning
  • Human Behaviour
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Renewable Forms of Energy and Sustainable Development


  • Bertrand gave an excellent speech which was very inspiring as well as pragmatic and applicable to business - Oracle EMEA


  • 2004
    Spure am Himmel
  • 2001
    Mit dem Wind um die Welt
  • 1999
    A Trace in the Sky


  • Decorated with the Legion of Honour, the Olympic Order and the highest distinctions of the International Aeronautical Federation, the National Geographic Society and the Explorer's Club


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