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Francisco Lozano Winterhalder

Professor of Environment at the ESADE Business School

Francisco Lozano Winterhalder is currently a Professor of Environment and Sustainability at the prestigious ESADE Business School, Barcelona and Professor of Environmental Ethics at the Borja Institut of Bioethics, Barcelona. He also belongs to the International Society for Environmental Ethics. He was recently appointed professor of the MBA and of the International Course for Executives in environmental issues. His speeches are focused on environmental issues as well as in activities of coaching and consulting for institutions and companies worldwide.

"Prof. Winterhalder''s research encompasses not only the physical changes to the environment caused by climate change but also the social, ethical and cultural changes"

Francisco Lozano Winterhalder

In detail

Francisco Lozano Winterhalder is biologist and master in Arts, following a Ph.D. program in Philosophy. He was a member of the board of the United Nations Spanish Association and a member of the Sustainable Council for the city of Barcelona. He is involved in the UNESCO movement and was the general secretary of the UNESCO club in Barcelona during five years. He participates in programs of cooperation in Latin America and Africa, as well as in programs for transferring knowledge and technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.

What he offers you

Professor Winterhalder talks in great detail about a range of subjects: environment, universe and life and culture, cultures and values. In his main field of work, the environment, he also looks at social, political and economical repercussions of global climate change and in general, of the most important environmental issues.

How he presents

Preparing his presentations to precisely suit each event, Professor Winterhalder challenges and inspires audiences with his expertly delivered speeches. Each presentation is followed by a lively Q&A session which is both highly stimulating and valuable.


Prof. Winterhalder is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Catalan and German.

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  • Sustainability and Companies
  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Business Competitiveness as Synergic Systems
  • 10 Keys to Understand the Future
  • Geopolitics, Sustainability and Strategy
  • Multicultural diversity
  • Environmental Corporate Responsibility as Business Opportunity

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