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Prof. Helmut Schlesinger

Former President of the German Bundesbank

Helmut Schlesinger played a crucial role in policies that enabled West Germany, and later unified Germany, to build its economy.

He is synonymous with the crusade for low inflation, and responsible for visionary economic and financial policies; policies that have ensured the pre-eminence of the German Mark.

In 1998, he became advisor to the Indonesian government and was assisting to sort the country''s financial crisis.

A visionary on the future of Europe

Prof. Helmut Schlesinger

In detail

The recipient of numerous national and international awards such as the Dulles Honorary Professorship of Princeton University, New York, he is also a lecturer at the Humboldt University. Additionally, he has been appointed to the Governing Board of the Bank for International Settlement and the Economic Sciences Board of the German Ministry of Economics.

What he offers you

He sets the developing financial European landscape into a clear context so that business leaders can reflect on the implications for their organisation. There is hardly anyone else who offers such a credible view particularly with regards to global monetary issues.

How he presents

He is a real thought provoker and a powerful voice in monetary policy issues and will compel you into action.


He presents in English and German.

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  • The Implications of European Monetary Restructure
  • Trends: Global, Economic and Financial
  • The Road to European Economic and Monetary Union
  • The European Currency - Before and After
  • The European Economic Landscape


  • 1993
    Staatsverschuldung ohne Ende?(Endless Government Debt?)
  • 1992
    Fortschritte der monetären Integration in Westeuropa (Progress of Monetary Integration in Western Europe)
  • 1991
    Gesamtstaatliche Finanzpolitik in der Bewährung (Probationary Financial Policies for the Whole Government)

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