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Kate Ancketill

Expert in innovation in physical and digital retail

It often seems the world is changing faster than the human mind can cope. However, this speed and complexity opens up opportunities for brands and retailers to step in to help consumers navigate the physical and digital worlds. Kate Ancketill, of GDR Creative Intelligence, will explore the latest global trends in consumer behavior, economic models, brand activity and technological innovation; and explain how these trends relate to and inspire retail.

Kate Ancketill

In detail

Kate will show the possibilities for new types of functional and emotional customer relevance that build immediate sales, loyalty and lifetime customer value. From big picture to actionable strategies, Kate''s ideas will leave you energized and equipped to face the challenges ahead.

What she offers you

GDR''s CEO Kate Ancketill is a highly sought after keynote speaker and consultant. Drawing upon her network of creative industry contacts, Kate provides credible insights on the technological, human and spatial innovations that will change the face of retail and hospitality over the next two to five years. Your audience will learn to:Spot oncoming trends, including mass replacement of certain jobs, a revolution in transport, and new economic models.

How she presents

Kate''s presentations artfully combine the inspirational with the practical. Her audiences take away concrete action points for future-proofing their business, a broad perspective on priorities for investment and a mind fizzingwith cutting-edge, stimulating and challenging concepts and possibilities.


Kate presents in English.

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  • Trends 2017: Retail Opportunity for the Fast Changing World and the Human Mind.
  • The Growth of Omni-Channel and the Intersection between Digital and Physical Retail.
  • Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and its Implications for Future Service Provision within Retail and Leisure.
  • Mobile Commerce and its Impact on the Retail Landscape.
  • The 'Entitled' Millennial Shopper.
  • Click and Collect and Delivery
  • Experiential Retail.
  • The Internet of Things.

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