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Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg

Leading Expert on Strategy and Economic Policy

Klaus Schweinsberg is an acknowledged expert and top management adviser on economy and strategic leadership. He is Founder and Head of the Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership and Secretary General for the Governance Commission for family-owned businesses. In 2009 he was nominated as Young Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos. For several years he was Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Capital, Germany''s leading Economics Magazine and Impulse.

"The Young Global Leaders form a powerful international community that can dramatically impact the global future"

Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg

In detail

Klaus studied Political Economics in Switzerland, Italy and Scotland and obtained his doctorate and PhD in Economic Policy at the University of Fribourg. For ten years he held various managerial positions with Bertelsmann AG, including Business Editor of The Financial Times Deutschland, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Impulse. Frequently published in the press, he is also a respected adviser to senior managers in leading corporations. He is a member of the American Economic Association and the Royal Over-Seas League as well member of several supervisory boards and advisory committees.

What he offers you

Drawing from his extensive experiences as personal advisor and member of various supervisory boards, Klaus offers audiences an inside view of current economic trends. With a wealth of research at his disposal, he also offers audiences essential the essential tools and proven strategies designed to help organisations gain a competitive advantage in the current economic climate.

How he presents

Regularly invited to appear on TV, Klaus is a dynamic and engaging speaker and has a reputation for delivering even the most complex economic issues in an easily digestible format. He is also a highly versatile and accomplished conference host.


He offers tailored keynotes in German, English, French and Italian and moderates in German, English and French.

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  • Strategic Leadership Secrets of Successful Organisations
  • Five Ways to Turn Crisis into Opportunity
  • The Future of Money and the Implications for Business (World Wide)
  • Learning from Champions - What Makes Businesses Truly Successful
  • How Business Ethics help Organizations to Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Conference Host


  • Everybody liked Klaus' style and it fitted perfectly for our gala dinner. Klaus was excellent, being both eloquent and entertaining - International Translation Agency


  • 2014
    Anständig führen. Acht Erfolgstugenden in Zeiten der Ungewissheit
    (Ethical Leadership. Eight Virtues to Success in Times of Uncertainty)
  • 2010
    Unser Weg in den Systemkollaps
    (Our Way to the Collapse of the System - why we are close to national debt, social unrest and wars)
  • 2009
    Eigentumsverfassung und Finanzkrise (mit Otto Depenheuer, Paul Kirchhof, Friedrich Merz, Michael Hüther etc.)
  • 2006
    Praxishandbuch des Mittelstandes (mit Wolfgang Krüger, Gunter Kayser, Hermann Simon, Arnold Weissman etc.)


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