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Max Calderan

Extreme Desert Explorer, Trainer and Motivator

Extreme Desert Explorer, Max has crossed the most insidious and impassable sands in the world, surviving in conditions that are beyond any known  human limits. Max has pushed his limit over all scientific studies.

Among his several record exploration he has run 90 hours never stopping covering 437 km in Oman following the ideal line of Tropic of Cancer.  He''s run 360 km in 75 hours across  United Arab Emirates in summer time with temperature of 140 fahreneit . 


Max Calderan

In detail

Great motivator, an extraordinary expert of deserts, Max, without medical care and in complete solitude, carrying a backpack with only the essentials, has exceeded all limits known written in DNA, above all that one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear of going over.

The objective of Max is to transfer his experiences and its valuable know-how through unconventional training sections founded on the uniqueness and authenticity of the person and able to provide concrete and practical tools to push the boundaries, to unlock the potential of your mind and achieve balance.

The goal is to lead to the discovery of his own method, the same that led to the achievement of infinite and stunning goals of Max. MAX CALDERAN Solutions offers innovative forms of education dedicated to the person, to the company and to the sport world.

Max is special guest to several conferences both for private and governmental companies, proving to be an incredible resource both for attendees and managers with motivational goals.what ''is defined as "the transfer of the strategy."


He presents in Italian.

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