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Nando Parrado

Andes Aeroplane Crash Survivor

Nando Parrado is one of the survivors of the dramatic aeroplane crash on October 13, 1972 when a plane carrying a Uruguayan old boys rugby team over the Andes lost its bearings in bad weather and crashed in the remote mountains. Despite spending 74 days on a glacier at 18000 ft, without suitable clothing, training, equipment or supplies and against all odds Nando walked out of the mountains to raise the alarm to save his stranded companions.

"It is better to decide and make a mistake, that not to decide. There is always time to turn back" Nando Parrado

Nando Parrado

In detail

Nando now lives in Montevideo, Uruguay and has rebuilt his life to become a very successful businessman. He is the owner of a cable television channel, he produces six television programmes and he also runs family businesses in the United States and Europe.

What he offers you

Nando talks candidly about his experiences in the Andes and how it has affected him. He offers audiences a very close and personal account of the events after the crash and explains how camaraderie and relationships is the key to survival.

How he presents

Audiences are deeply moved by Nando''s emotional and inspirational presentations. With impeccable delivery he captivates and amazes everybody with his incredible story.


Nando presents in English and Spanish.

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  • How to Handle Your Own Fears
  • Handling of Conflicts
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Motivation
  • Crisis Management
  • Planning & Strategy


  • Nando is a great speaker. The audience was extremely interested and captivated by his presentation - Conference Organisers


  • 2006
    Miracle in the Andes
  • 1975


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