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Umberto Pelizzari

Free diving world''s champion

Umberto Pelizzari is an Italian freediver, widely considered amongst the best of all times. Of his era, he is the only person to have established world records in all the then existing disciplines of freediving. He is currently a journalist and reporter in television programs about science spreading and sea environment and professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. He has also formed the freediving training agency Apnea Academy which sees much respect in freediving circuits.

Umberto Pelizzari

In detail

Umberto debuted as a child in agonistic swimming, moving to freediving at age 19. He attained a degree in Information Science at the University of Milan. He was one of a handful of instigators behind the respected freediving organization AIDA which formed in 1994. Twice, in 1996 and 2001, Pelizzari became AIDA World Champion with the Italian national team. In 2001, he concluded his athletic career with a Variable Weight record of -131 m (429 feet) and retired thereafter.

What he offers you

Umberto Pelizzari is a sporting icon who was involved in the making of the film OceanMen, produced by IMAX (2D), which tells the story of two great free-divers. He excelled not only individually but also as part of teams, having won the gold medal at the Free-diving World Championship in 2001 as part of the Italian National Team.

How he presents

Umberto uses stunning visuals of his dives in his fascinating presentations showing how to achieve goals with no limits. He explains vividly how he has rewritten the freediving record books and redefined the boundaries of his sport.


Umberto presents in English and Italian .

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  • Umberto is a motivational speaker dealing with: To become and remain a World Champion is a challenging and demanding task the requires dedication, sacrifice, resolve and responsibility as well as a strong team spirit.
  • Objectives: To identify the goal and believe strongly that it can be reached. The importance of sacrifice, determination and constancy.
  • Planning: the organisation of work and the recognition of priorities that optimise the effort and prevent wasted energy.
  • Team: the involvement and dedication of every component of the team towards a single goal.
  • Challenge: hard work, dedication, sacrifice, suffering and determination. Transforming fear into motivation.
  • Success: The capacity to fully enjoy a success and to share it with the rest of the staff.x00

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