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Will Whitehorn

Former President of Virgin Galactic

Will Whitehorn was once described as Sir Richard Branson''s "right hand man". In 2011 Will stepped down as President from Virgin to pursue a portfolio career that includes a number of Directorships. This includes his recent appointment as Chairman of the new Transport Systems Catapult, which will position the UK as the leading provider of innovative and integrated transport solutions to the rest of the world. Still a trusted advisor to Sir Richard, he is also a Non-Executive Director of Stagecoach Group Plc and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow, and former In Chairman of the Loewy subsidiary, Speed Communications.

"Leading expert on Branding and Leadership"

Will Whitehorn

In detail

Will''s early career included time as a helicopter crewman in the North Sea for British Airways. He was also a Market Intelligence Officer for the TSB Group flotation and a graduate trainee with Thomas Cook Group. He joined Virgin Group in 1987 as Head of Corporate Public Relations, and as Virgin Group''s Brand Development and Corporate Affairs Director where it was his job to steer the entertainment, media and travel giant through times of turbulence and calm. His first-hand experience of running industrial design projects includes the development of Virgin''s Pendolino and the Virgin Atlantic Flyer composite aircraft.

What he offers you

Sharing his insights into the Virgin story, Will explains to audiences the impact new technologies have on businesses and focuses on how to drive business innovation and growth through the right combination of innovative people and technology. Will also entertains his audiences with the enthralling Virgin Galactic Story.

How he presents

Will is a natural communicator with a great passion for business and technology who has the ability to inspire his audiences to innovate.


He presents in English.

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  • The Virgin Group Story
  • The Future of Transport Technologies
  • The Future - How Space Travel Can Impact Business
  • The Role of PR in a Complex 24/7 World
  • A Passion for Technology Through Industrial Design Projects
  • Lessons Learned, Sparking Innovation
  • Managing Risk From Both a Business and Media Perspective
  • What Makes Sir Richard Branson Tick


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